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Demo for Dr.Web curing utilities

Dr.Web CureIt! demo

There is no demo for this utility. To try Dr.Web CureIt!, download it from

Dr.Web CureNet! network curing utility demo

WARNING! Before sending a request for a Dr.Web CureNet! demo, please read the below.

  1. Dr.Web CureNet! is a remote centralized curing tool for workstations and servers running MS Windows 2000/XP Professional /2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7, including those running different anti-virus software, regardless of local network size. Read more.
  2. Dr.Web CureNet! DOES NOT PROVIDE resident end-point security. When the solution isn't scanning computers, they can get infected by any malicious program. To protect all the hosts in a corporate network, use Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite.
  3. You should have administrator privileges on the applicable workstations and servers in order to scan the network with Dr.Web CureNet!.
  4. Remote scanning does not require any additional configuration of your computers provided they are members of a domain and a domain administrator account is used on them.
  5. If a remote computer is not a domain member or a local account is used, for some versions of Windows, an additional configuration is required for the remote computer. Learn how to configure a network with step-by-step instructions.
  6. A remote machine scan configuration may make it less secure. Therefore, before making any changes in the configuration, we recommend reading how it affects system operation or not using remote scanning and performing anti-virus scanning on the remote computer without a domain or using a local account.
  7. A Dr.Web CureNet! demo cannot perform curing. In the demo mode, you can only monitor how scanning processes are distributed between computers in a local network, scan the machines, and receive a report about detected (but not cured) viruses and malicious programs. To cure a PC in a network, buy a commercial license.
  8. The serial number for the Dr.Web CureNet! trial version is sent already registered (it becomes active as soon as the demo is requested).

Demo request for Dr.Web CureNet!