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Dr.Web LiveDemo Online-service

Selection and deployment of new software, updating it to a newer version are among the most important tasks for any system administrator. With the remote testing service Dr.Web LiveDemo you can:

  • reduce the risk of unexpected problems when dealing with anti-virus software;
  • evaluate the selected product before buying it;
  • learn how to install and deploy the solution before a full-scale deployment in your local network;
  • learn to upgrade to new versions of products.

How to test

Each Dr.Web LiveDemo user in accordance with their application is granted remote access to the requested number of virtual desktops and servers connected into a virtual network. A user can test a selected product themselves or request a service administrator's assistance if they need additional software or want to perform additional tests.

A user tests the software themselves according to their test plan. You can also take advantage of the ready-made test scripts (comprised of test cases), describing the most common actions of administrators and users.

Dr.Web LiveDemo infrastructure provides complete confidentiality of all data used by testers.


Choosing software can be compared to a sapper's job - the wrong choice results not only in extra expenses, but also in extra time to install the product and to fine-tune it to meet company’s demands. A purchased product must be able to performing the required tasks, integrate seamlessly into existing routines and operate without errors. A chosen solution must be easy to install and maintain, it should function the way you need. With thorough testing prior to product's acquisition and deployment, a company reduces the risks of financial and non--production losses, of downtimes.

Available options

Dr.Web LiveDemo offers black box testing to check compliance of the solution with your requirements but does not provide the insight into internal organisation of the product.

With Dr.Web LiveDemo a user can:

  1. Read product documentation.
  2. Install and configure a selected product in accordance with their needs.
  3. Evaluate this product features and test them.
  4. Demonstrate the benefits of Dr.Web products and solutions. With the option to order a virtual network with pre-installed and pre-configured protection software, the demonstration can be prepared "on the fly".

Dr.Web LiveDemo features enable you to conduct:

  1. Installation and configuration testing A service user can check if installation and updating are performed correctly under conditions they define including the installed software and hardware, system and product configuration, its operation under restrictions (low disk space, insufficient access permissions for installation and configuration).
  2. Functional testing: A user can test operation of the system at different settings. Reproduce user actions aiming at performing their tasks and test the software response to such actions. Functional testing enables you to assess how well the product would integrate with the existing business routines at your company.

System requirements

For testing, you only need Internet access and access to the LiveDemo service.. Testing is possible under any operating system including Windows and Linux.


Dr.Web LiveDemo service is free. In order to use it, you must fill out a form on our website.

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