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Dr.Web FixIt!

A unique cloud service for remotely diagnosing information security incidents (virus incidents, possible targeted attacks and violations of information security rules) and eliminating their consequences

  • Analyses suspicious system behaviour to identify suspected infections and targeted attacks that have occurred or are underway. Detects violations of information security rules and policies.
  • Analyses device security and search for and remove malicious, potentially dangerous software and the consequences of past infections.
  • Analyses the causes of past information security incidents.
  • Eliminates the consequences of cybercriminal activity.

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Who is Dr.Web FixIt! for?

  • Employees of departments involved in monitoring the operation of information security systems and responding to information security incidents (SOC).
  • Information security department employees
  • System administrators
  • Information security experts

How does it work?

  1. You create a task in the web service and send the FixIt! analysis utility to the owner of the computer being scanned.
  2. That person runs the FixIt! utility, which scans the computer and generates a report. The report is automatically linked to the task and, if necessary, can immediately be sent to the service for analysis.
  3. You analyse the report in the web service, create the FixIt! curing utility, and send it to the owner of the scanned computer.
  4. The owner of the scanned computer runs the FixIt! utility, which executes the specified script and generates a new report.
  5. You repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the threats are neutralised on the scanned computer and then close the task.

Familiarise yourself with the features of Dr.Web FixIt!

Request access to the trial version of the service to analyse your computer if you suspect malicious activity.
If you do not suspect malicious activity, we do not recommend that you request trial access.

To get access, please fill out the form below.
A response will be sent to the email address you specify.

I agree to have my personal data processed. I also agree that Doctor Web's specialists can contact me by email or phone in connection with my request.

If necessary, Doctor Web's specialists will help users:

  • analyse data obtained with Dr.Web FixIt!
  • eliminate the consequences of infection
  • determine the potential extent of the damage by analysing the malicious files that have been detected
  • offer measures to minimise losses and eliminate repeat computer attacks

To use this service, purchase a Certificate for Expert Task Support by placing an order in My Dr.Web Portal for business users


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